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July 4th Brisket (with pix)

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Latest adventure with my Masterbuilt Pro....


Picked up a whole brisket ($2.96 /pound) smallish 11.76 pounds. I trimmed much of the excess fat away leaving about 1/4 inch.

My best guess is I trimmed 1/2 a pound off

Basic Texas style rub, mostely coarse salt & pepper, with a little garlic, and cayenne

Fired up the smoker this morning at 6 AM,

I filled the water pan with sand, and covered the sand with foil (easy clean up) Got up to a maintained 275 and placed the brisket in the smoker.

Poured a cup of coffee and began the wait.

Brisket in @ 6:30 AM

150 IT @ 9:30

190 IT @ 10:30 and that is when the "stall" hit

198 IT @ 12:40

208 IT @ 1:30


I was getting 3-6 degree spikes on my maverick dual temp... for the last hour or so...


Notes to self re: next brisket

1) drop smoker temp to 250

2) Do NOT put probe in meat until at least 6 hours pass.. ( I would FREAK out myself every so often thinking it cooked to quickly)


it IS a learning process... and we have to take notes







As noted in my previous posting. I went for the "naked" approach. I watched Aaron Franklin on PBS, he smoked 3 briskets... no wrap, butcher paper, and of course foil wrapped. The "naked" brisket is what I remember from years ago. a crunchy bark with great smokey flavor.


My next smoker will need

a) room to lay a brisket out flat without being "squoshed" and room for a rack of ribs to lay out flat.

b) a more precise regulator. if they can make propane oven/stoves for houses, there SHOULD be better regulators out there


yup... I'm hooked.... I am already thinking about my next unit. I don't care to be the next "Myron Mixon" I just want to be the best I can,

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Dang, that looks good! What wood did you use for the smoke? I really need to bite the bullet a do a brisket!
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I have a barrel, that is equal parts Hickory, Apple and Pecan. I like a nice mixture, and I'm not real sure, which is which

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That's a quick cook but you can't argue with those results.  And you're right it is a learning process, every time I smoke meat it seems different.

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