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Temp drop after unfoiling???

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I u foiled my brisket about an hour ago. It was a out 205 and it probed nice and easy. I figured about an hour u foiled to crisp the bark, but since I've put it back in, my IT has dropped almost 15 degrees! Hasn't started to rise back up yet. Smoker at 250, meat probes at 190.

What should I do?
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The meat will dry out.... you are re-entering the stall without foil.... It is difficult to "create" bark after foiling UNLESS you put the brisket on a 700 deg. BBQ grill.....

Just a note.... you can't have it all ways.... foiled, crispy bark don't go together...
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If you have reached an IT temp of 205 degrees and was tender, wouldn't it be done?

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So you're saying I should pull it now?

I had a good bark before I foiled, just wanted to dry it up a little
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Steve pulling it is up to you.  I tend to cook by temperature so reaching 205 degrees to me indicates its done.  If you want to leave it a little longer to firm up the bark then that fine, is it still tender?

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Your brisket has been braised.... You can't "dry it up" without screwing it up....
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I pulled, foiled, wrapped in towels and put into cooler. Toothpick slips in with no resistance over the entire top surface!

We're off to my buddy Tont's house for his Birthdat party. Plan to eat in 2-3 hours. Will take picswhen we carve, and will report in tonight with pix and details.

Thanks for the advice!
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I'm sure it will be the hit of the party.  As long as its tender it will be delicious.

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Too late to post everything tonight, but it was near perfect! Details tomorrow.
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Great job!  Cooking brisket is such a commitment of time and money now days, but when it works out it is wonderful.

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