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9lb Pork Butt.

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I tired my first pork butt yesterday from Bearcarvers Step by Step (thank you) and it turned out perfect. I can't believe how closely it followed his time line.
The night before I lathered it with yellow mustard and MEAT CHURCH HOLY HONEY HOG rub and let it sit overnight.
Put it on my LANDMANN 26" electric at 7:30 am at 240deg. It hit 145eeg at 11:45am and I inserted my Maverick ET733 to watch the temps.
It hit 165deg at 3:00 pm, I foiled it and bumped the temp to 275deg and the Butt finally hit 202deg at 6:30pm.
I let it sit for an hour and it was absolutely perfect. Here are some pics

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Nice Job Heymirth!!!Thumbs Up


Looks Great !!:drool-------------------------------:points:


I'm glad it worked good for you!!Thumbs Up




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