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4th of July Family Rib burn off !!!

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Welcome all....I am going to do my best to post my families 5th annual rib burn off for everyone. It all started by my mother wanting to do something for the family during mid summer. We decided to cook(smoke) ribs and have a bunch of friends/family over. After 5 years it has got huge now we have almost 9 contestants entering ribs into the competition. The judges are all friends and family that come to eat and drink and have fun. The entries are all numbered and anonymous. We always have fun and drink way more than normal people (although we are no were close to normal) should! I have won a couple of the years but the competition is getting very good! I will document my cook process and a few other contestants. The rules are simple. Must be ribs...... Your choice of type.... And you must make your own sauce, although sauce is not required for turn in. AND that's it...... So I hope you all enjoy this post, FYI I am a 13yr Army Vet who just loves the freedom of this country!!!!
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Here are two of my racks.... Baby backs rubbed down with my personal rub. I use yellow mustard for a binding agent. I also pulled the membrane off the back and trimmed them down.
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Nice looking ribs man. Keep the pics coming.
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For the record I use an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker. I got her cleaned up tonight with a little pre-smoke burn just to check everything. She isn't looking too shabby.
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Alright everyone first off HAPPY 4th of July!!! Just got set up for the competition. I'm gonna be cooking my ribs using the 3-2-1 method. I understand it can be debated by "boiling" your ribs in the second portion of it but non the less I think it produces a great product. So here is my little set up for a fun backyard BBQ competition. We are eating at 5 pm. EST so my ribs will go on at 10 am, I like to let them rest for up to an hour before serving them. So QVIEW to follow all day!
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Ribs out and on the smoker. Let the games begin!

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No updates? How did it end up?

Also, I don't mean to criticize but I see Boy Scout Water (lighter fluid). Have you tried a chimney starter? They start the coals more evenly and without the off taste.
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Sorry for the late update. The beer started to flow really well. Here are some pics. I wrapped them with a little bacon grease and some apple juice. After wrapping them they came off and went back in for 1 hour. I used the drippings from the foil wrap, and made a sweet glaze for the ribs at the end, mixed the drippings with brown sugar, honey and a little of my BBQ sauce for the glaze. As you can see in the final pic they went very fast!!! And it turned out I won't the competition! So all in all a good cook and a good day!
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And as far as the lighter fluid, I use charcoal to start my fire to get the cold steel of the smoker up to temp. I usually let it burn for an hour or two before I ever put food on and then maintain my fire with wood to get the smoke flavor and constant hear.
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Looks good and congrats on winning.
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Her was the competition field at judgement time and me with my beer prize and first place trophy!

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First off, thank you for your service. 2nd, man those ribs look good. Congrats on first place..sausage.gif
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Thank you and thank you!

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Looks like a fun day!

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