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3rd times a charm. Smoker # 3.

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Well I'm gonna give it another try. I am back with my 3rd smoker. :biggrin:


I joined SMF in July 2007 with my first smoker -


Lost interest and sold the unit. Decided to try again with a WSM in June 2011 -


The WSM was a great smoker but lost interest again. Sold that unit. :th_crybaby2:


This past weekend I got a wild hair and decided to buy a Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone pellet grill and I am gonna give smoking meat another shot. :yahoo:


I really like the set it and forget it with this set up. Plus clean up on this rig is going to be a breeze.


Looking forward to diving in and enjoying this hobby for a 3rd time. And yes, I know Q-View is a requirement. :439:


I'll be back with some pix.


- Kurt T.

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Welcome back!


Good luck with your new smoker and have fun!

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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome from a cloudy and warm day in East Texas and the best forum on the internet, Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. Glad you joined up.



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