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Last minute salmon

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We have friends coming over this evening.  They are bringing salmon.  My plan was to grill them on cedar planks but I just realized they probably have not brined them.


Anything special I can do.  Maybe like a dry brine?  Any ideas?  TY guys. 

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If you are grilling the fish on a cedar plank then why brine it?   Brining is typically for smoking.   I'm cedar planking a Salmon Filet tonight as well.


I'll soak the plank for a couple hours in water.  Throw the filet on, skin side against the wood, then top the fish with some of my favorite seasonings and away we go.

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I don't brine salmon when cooking on cedar. The fish will be kind of steamed not grilled , so it shouldn't get dry.

You do need to soak the cedar plant however.
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I thought brining helps to retain moisture and prevent albumin extrusion???  What temp do you grill them at?

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I get white booggers even when brining. Unless you stay on the low side of the temp range you will get them.
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Whats the low side temp to prevent white boogers?

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Below 200...but that's more for smoking. For plank grilling you want hot to create steam in the plank which will cook and transfer flavour into your fish.
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Interesting, thanks.  Say I wanted to do a 3 hour smoke tonight if we had time.  Would it be possible given the fish isnt brined?  Bad idea?

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Smoked, not planked? Don't know ...never tried slow smoking unbrined salmon. Is it farmed Atlantic? That's a fatty fish. It might work.
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Yesterday I smoked Faro salmon fillets unbrined, just rubbed with salt and pepper. I used apple chunks after briquettes in the offset. I cook it in a foil tray so there's never fish stuck to the grill.



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How was it?  Every recipe I find says you need to brine salmon if you want to smoke it?

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Was it moist enough?
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I guess I'm a little confused here.  I thought you were going to grill the Salmon on a plank.  Now you want to smoke it instead? Ahhhh, your guests are coming over tonight.  Personally, due to your time constraint, I'd just grill it as you originally planned.

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Yes, it came out flake-apart tender and slightly browned around the edges. It was hotter and faster than slow smoking, but not as hot and fast as direct grilling. There's a whole spectrum of cooking opportunity between those two approaches.

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What temp did you do them at?

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I had the typical temp swings, the OEM thermometer showed 200 - 230. I was adding apple chunks as the cook progressed so the result was strong on the smoke, part of the reason for the darker color.

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Thats the right temp for a salmon smoke no?  So no brine, regular 225F temp, and soft juicy salmon?  Win?

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I've done both (no brine last minute smoke and cedar plank) In my opinion I'd just plank it and go.



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How did it come out?
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