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Happy Forth of July! What are you smoking this weekend (in the smoker that is)? - Page 3

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Pork burnt ends finished up on the grill....Oh My Dayum!!!!!!!
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No smoke...... <sigh>  Bad weather?


Braising pork with sweet potatoes, honey crisp apple, and raisins in hard apple cider.

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Not smoking, grilling. 

Started with a 4-bone prime grade rib roast.


Cut into 2-1/2" steaks, about 2 lbs apiece.


And just before they hit my buddy's New Braunfel. (Along with a couple tenderloin cuts.)


Sorry, no pics of the finished product, but they were great, and we were pretty lubed. This fed 10 people easily.

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@Voodoo shoot me the recipe for those burnt end those look dayum good.


@mneeley490 those are some good cuts what you do em to med rare,


here is my finished products



My kids devoured the ribs I only got 4 outta two racks,  this always tends to happen lol .  At least all mine where the ends which is my fav part.

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Originally Posted by Voodoo7 View Post

Hi all! First and foremost I want to wish you all a Safe and Happy 4th of July!


I'm looking at doing a butt, some burnt ends, maybe some beer braised chicken and beef jerky. I can't wait! Love, Love, Love my smoker!!!!


Gonna be chillin' tending the smoke and drinking a few ice cold Sam Adams Porch Rockers (SO GOOD, if you haven't tried them DO IT).


What's on your menu?






Thanks for starting the thread,I added some more to my do list.Happy 4th Everyone


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That link doesn't work.
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Just cooked up some SPOG chicken, ABT's, and more pineapple bacon bites. Sorry for no pictures but it was amazing.
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Pulled Pork: 2 Picnic Shoulders (wet-to-dry smoke chamber method) smoked with cherry, hickory, mesquite and apple in the SV-24 @220-225* with a jacked-up version of my Hawg Heaven Rub, rested elevated on a grate covered with towel to preserve the heavy, crisp bark I created.


3 whole yard birds smoked @ 300* in the Weber 26" kettle with hickory, apple and cherry, glazed with sauce @ ~160*, finished @ 170+.


Sides: smoke/roasted un-husked whole ear corn in Weber 18" kettle and a steamed veggie dish with green cabbage, butternut squash,yellow and green bell peppers, yellow onion, celery, baby carrots, fried bacon chips, sauteed baby Portabella mushrooms (sauteed in bacon grease). A guest is bringing Spanish Rice.


Dessert: Watermelon and ???


Just about to sit down for dinner in a bit, after pulling the shoulders and cutting-up the yard birds...corn is just about ready, so...we could use a few more guests to help eat all this food...:biggrin:




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Brisket and fatties here:

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Just a butt for me and the misses.

Cooked this on my Big easy with the Tommy ring added Hickory chips.

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Here's what I made yesterday for the family. Ribs, brisket, homemade hot links, moinks, abts, seasoned corn, red potato salad, baked beans, garlic butter texas toast and a few different sauces. Served with some Devil's Spit pickles and raw onion. This was but a small sampling of what I cooked ;)


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That looks awesome!
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Thanks! It was a lot of fun to cook and even more fun to eat ;)

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