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brand newbie from Omaha

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Andy from Omaha here... I'm a Structural Designer by day. Started following Jeff's website and newsletter about a year ago. Planning on getting my first smoker this month, a Weber Smokey Mountain 22.
Hope to start using some of the recipes I've been archiving from the newsletter soon.
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Ed here also known as Emac...Im from Omaha too. Ive been on for a couple of days and there are quite a few people from Omaha on here which is cool. I frequently hit up the stores around town and find great deals on meats, i'll be sure to keep you posted when I do, Hy-vee off of 108th and Fort had some beautiful beef ribs that they had cut the other day, and Bag N Save off 108th and Maple had some awesome deals on chicken quarters and even whole birds. I often grab the deals when/while I can and just fire up the grill for practice.


I went out yesterday looking for more beef ribs. Couldnt find a decent rack to save my life. I went to No frills, Bakers, Hyvee, Bag N Save and Target, spent about 4 hrs running around...maybe its because the 4th is coming and they are all bought down to my last 2 racks. Im starting a cook right now (through the sprinkling). Im going to upload some pics/vids.

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pretty cool....thanks for the info. I don't even have a smoker yet but hope to soon. I will be following the Omahans in the forum.
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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome from a nice warm day in East Texas and the best forum on the internet, Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. Glad you joined up.



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Welcome to SMF where you will find answers to all your questions, these guys know their stuff.

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Welcome to SMF from Bellevue! Good to see some fellow Nebraskans on here!


-Husker Row

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Great city. My grandmother lives on 6th and Martha.
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