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How does my butt look? LOL

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I did an overnight pork butt starting at 10:30 last night. It appears that everything went flawless last night. My remote thermometer didn't go off in the middle of the night. That's always a good thing. Woke up to an internal temp of 180 and the smoker was holding steady at 235. In-laws are on their way into town today so I'm going to try to show them some good bbq. It's gonna finish a little early but that's ok. I'll wrap it up and throw it in the cooler with some towels. It will just get a little extra rest. Would rather finish early than late. This was my first butt trying injecting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out with the flavor. I love this forum, so many good things on here. It will take me years to try everything. Thanks for everyone's recipes and knowledge.
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Looks good from here!

Might want to try the "BBQ" probe on the same rack as the butt.

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Thanks for the advice. I hadn't really read anything about that and have wondered where others place the bbq probe. I can use all the advise you guys can throw at me. Lol.
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