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hey there guys and gals   very new at this smoken stuff but am going to learn,  i live in calabash n.c   army  vet   and right now am building my own smoker, was going well but now  just haven a little trouble reaching temp,   wooden  box   ( looks like an out house)  lol 32" high  24" deep and 18" wide,   1800watt 2 burner hat plate,just lined the inside with tin foil  still cant get more than 140   got a few more things i will try let you all know,  nice to be hear and hope to learn a lot as we go     matt

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Welcome aboard from the coast of S.C. You will find threads on all different types of smokers including self built ones.

 BTW, love going to your area of the world for great seafood.


Smell Smoke

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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome from a nice warm day in East Texas and the best forum on the internet, Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. Glad you joined up.



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