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I am just a "Backyard Dad" who enjoys smoking meats, fish, beans, cheese, and almonds for his Family and Friends. Although our finished products have become popular, we never compete or sell our creations. They are simply given away freely. Among our four children, our only Son, Will Adam, has taken a keen interest in his Father's feeble attempts in our Custom Smoker. Thus, his name was attached to all we do from the very beginning. He has recently married, yet still comes over to help his Dad as we learn together around our Iron Will Smoker...


Throughout the years, and much trial and error, we finally developed our own Iron Will Dry Rub, Only Will Adam and I know the recipe and even keep it hidden from his Mother and three Sisters. On Father's Day, Will came over and made a large supply to keep us in stock for upcoming smokes. While in an antique store today, I found a heavy pig bearing a hidden compartment. We decided to place a small sample of our Iron Will Dry Rub forever inside. We suppose you could call this special location, "Ground Zero."


Below are a few pictures of what a Father and Son savor accomplishing side by side. We hope you enjoy them...


Today's Antique Store discovery w/ our secret stored away.


Ground Zero - Iron Will Dry Rub


Will Adam trying his hand at trimming Spares.


Not bad.


Iron Will Smoked Spare Ribs


Iron Will Smoked Riblets


Iron Will Smoked Brisket


Iron Will Smoked Ham


Iron Will Smoked Beans


Busy Day


Prep Table


Prep Table after a busy day!


Cold Smoke


Iron Will Smoked Cheese (Ready for 2 Week Rest)


Iron Will Smoked Cheese (Nice Color)


Iron Will Smoked Almonds


Our Custom Smoker


Will Adam & Nat


We are simply a work in progress. Thank you for allowing us to share some of our story...


Stephen & Will Adam

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Outstanding in all regards!
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Congrats keep smoking
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Thanks for sharing!!! Looks amazing!
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Thank you...

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Looks like you put out some real good smoked goodies - great 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Very nice! Great to see families enjoying a common interest!!
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Congrats on taking this "addictive hobby" to new heights.... impressive...

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Thanks Dave! We always appreciate your insight...
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That's great, brother! Sounds and looks like a beautiful family you have there.

I didn't take up this wonderful hobby till just a couple years ago and didn't get to bring up my girls doing this with them but look forward to sharing this with my grand babies.


Here's to many more years of smoking with your son!

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Matchew -


Yes, Sir. Thank you for the kind comment. I am excited for you being able to share with Grandbabies...



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