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4Th Weekend !!!

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I m all Jacked up for the 4th . First and foremost is celebrating the Greatest Nation in the world's Birthday , 2nd is the Q. Tomorrow is Bacon wrapped Brats on the smoker ,  Friday is Home made Pizza and Drunken Wings on the smoker. Saturday is grilled Bison Burgers on the smoker and to complete the weekend Baby Backs on Sunday !  What better way to spend the weekend !!!

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Busy man.  How is everything turning out so far?  I've never tried wrapping brats with bacon, but everything is better with bacon.

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Just Finished eating the Baby Backs and decided yesterday to add a herb Brined whole chicken , everything turned out awesome. My wife has  decided smoking meat and working out  is how I stay the Sweetheart I Am ......LOL !!!!

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Congrats.  Whatever it takes!

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