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hot max valve

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so I received my hot max needle valve today,  and I have a couple of questions.  which side is the ''in'' side on the valve ?. its not marked with a flow arrow but im guessing its the female side.  also should it be installed right off the regulator or further downstream in the hose?.  thanks in advance for any help. I hope this gets my masterbuilt dual fuel under control !.

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Most likely the male side goes towards the gas source. One way to tell is which side has the drilled hole lower in the valve. Inlet is always at the tip of the needle. I install my valves right at the inlet of the burner control. Now, if your regulator has a 1/4"NPT outlet then by all means unscrew the hose, screw in the valve, then the hose. However most newer setups have the hose as an integral part of the regulator. So the only place to put the needle valve is at the attachment of the hose to the propane burner.


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thanks a lot lonestarmedic, the hole drilled lower in the valve was the key !!!!

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Small fact out of my addled brain. Glad it helped.
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got the hot max valve installed last nite, soap checked all the new connections and lit it up.  it was totally controllable with the needle valve!!!!!!.  I installed mine at the front of the bottom door very similar to what lonestarmedic shows in his photos.  what a huge difference it made. I was about to throw this thing on the scrap heap after 2 years of trying to use it as it came from the factory , then I discovered this site and the smoking wizards.  the moral to this story is if you have a masterbuilt and are having trouble with it,  take time to do the needle valve and frying pan mods. you will be glad you did !!!!!   thanks to all the forum members who gave me advice.  happy Independence Day to all

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