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MES vs Bradley

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Hi everyone and thank you in advance for your help. I am looking to buy an electric smoker and based on what I can spend I am looking at the MES or Bradley Digital. I have read a lot about the MES here but I have not seen much mention of the Bradley. 


Any suggestions on which would be the better choice??


Thank you

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Hopefully someone on here has or used both smokers. Only they could give you a better answer to your question. I own a Gen1 40" MES smoker w/window and I like it, even though I don't use it that much anymore. Good luck in your search, and whatever you end up with hope you enjoy!

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In the past, I've owned both.  The MES died about a year ago and the Bradley (even though several years old) was good enough that someone relieved me of it about 4 years ago on a weekend I was out of town.


Generally speaking Bradley was a little more expensive, but the old one I had was pretty durable. It worked well, and was a quality unit.


The good news is that Bradley has announced in January 2015 they will be building a manufacturing facility in Phoenix AZ., so they will be American Made!


I actually always worried about the MES due to the wiring issues, and mine had an over temperature problem and it started a fire that damaged the door seal.  Masterbuilt gave me the run around, so I finally re-cycled it due to the wife's insistence.


If you are on a budget, the MES is fine, and does a great job. I did invest in the A-maze-n-pellet smoker which solved my personal problem regarding a lack of smoke.  Additionally,  Masterbuilt is normally pretty good about sending parts on units that were found to be lacking in the quality department.


That is a reason IMHO that a lot of people on the forum like them.  However, Bradley parts are available if needed.


My real feeling is that I would prefer an American Made unit, as my Stick burner is. So I have to give the edge to Bradley; but really enjoyed my MES smoker and it lasted for 3 - 4 years.


There are some real masters out there using MES.


Both are out there in abundance, and you might just go to a Cab*ela's, Sa*m's Club, or other retailer to get an idea of what might fit your specific need.


In any event, best of luck with whichever you decide to take home.



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Thank you for the information so far. I guess I should have also added if there were other suggestions in the $200-300 range. I like the Smokin it but even the #1 would be out of price range when shipping is factored in.

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