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New 100 gallon RF build.

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this site, new to a build and open to all advice. So after years of using backyard smokers from big box stores that rusted away after a couple of seasons I have decide to build my own.
I just picked up a 100 gallon tank on Craig's list that's short and stubby. Approximately 43" tall x 30" round. At this point I'm not sure if I want to trailer it or just make it a backyard design!!! The tank is a worthington manufacturer date 08/00 and obviously I cant tell how long it's been emepty but I assume for several years since the value was removed and someone welded some of the opening closed.
With this being said would you guys feel same cutting into it? I will attempt to post pics but please bare with me I'm not computer savy!!

Thank you for great site.
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Welcome to the site, I made mine without a trailer simply because I don't cook for anyone and if I do I simply cook before I head over. As far a cutting the tank goes you can do what I did simply lay your torch on a brick and let it burn its way through without you being there if your concerned and your good to go. Good luck on your build.

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I am using the same size tank for my build. I did not do a trailer simply because it is too big to fit at my house and built a simple cart. My tank was open for a long time, years and had no propane smell. I would defer to others with more experience regarding cutting it.
Good luck and enjoy it. It was my 1st build and I am having a great time with it.

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Smoking Dreams thank you. Unfortunately I don't own a torch But I can get one. Even though someone has already welded on the tank I think it will be a good idea to fill up and drain it. Better safe than sorry. But I agree with you on the trailer part, I only cook for myself and a few friends when they ask. 

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Joe I am curious as to how yours turn out, Do you any pics you care to share yet?

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There I removed the Pics.  Not trying to hijack anything, just showing what we did.



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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post


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I meant to post a few pics of some of the tools we used, didn't mean to post the whole build,  Sorry,   


Here are just a few pics of some of the tools that will make it easier, Besides a torch and welding machine



Drill with a uni-bit





SkillSaw  with metal cutting blade



Angle Grinder with cut off wheels and grinding disk




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Started stripping the paint yesterday and almost finished tonight. Also the hinges I plan on using showed up today.

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Man !!! Clean as a whistle, nice job  and I like those hinges



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Thanks Gary I thought it would be easier to start with a clean canvas.

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So i'm really confused about the calculations and I know this has been discussed many times but since I am new at this and was never a good math student I need some help. So the tank I have actually measures 43L x 30D which equals 30,379.50 cubic in. (feldon's calc) The manufacture website says the tank is 420 lb or 99.1 gal with a 27,680 cubic in. So using Feldon's Calc tank volume only and entering 99.1gal = 22,892.10 but if enter 120gal = 27,720.00 very close to manufacturers cubic in.


Can someone help me clear this up and then I can get into the FB size cause using the above #'s the box is all over the map... 



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New propane tanks are 20% larger than the gallonage shows... air space for expansion....
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Dave thank you for your input since I feel your like the Gran Puba on here. So should I use the tank size for calculation 30,379.50 or the manufactures 27,680.00???? Being my first build I don't want to screw the pooch..Or the FB


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Use the tutorial below..... You need to know the volume of the tank... 27,680 is NOT the volume of the tank...

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You said the tank was tall (or long)   what is distance between the seams



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Dave I just used the Gary's ratio but like I said earlier I am dumb when it comes to formulas.


Gary the distance from seam to seam is 29''  and 7'' to the end crown on each side.

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Came up with these numbers last night using the link you gave me Dave. Thank you
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Finally got around to working on the smoker today. Prepped the fire box opening, cut the door and trimmed it.

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