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Hello From Long Beach!

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Forgot I was even part of a group on here lol.


But wanted to say hi to all my fellow So Cal residents :)


So wanted to share a great spot in Orange that I found for wood and even some Dry Rubs and grilling acessories.


It's called The WoodShed and they have a huge list of flavored woods, along with several kinds of burning woods for camping.


If anyone wants to chat and/or hangout n grill some foods n share ideas. Feel free to contact me anytime.


my personal email is



Hope everyone has a great Sunday, and stay safe this 4th of July!!! lol

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The woodshed is a great spot!! And they have just about any type of wood you will ever need.

Does anyone know of any so cal Bbq events coming up soon??

Ive heard of the Hunington beach Ribs Pigs and Watermelon in August...Anyone goin??

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yea I am so glad I found The Woodshed.  The ladies in the office are awesome lol


and if I'm not stuck working that weekend, I will be going to Huntington for the Ribs Pigs n Watermelon :)

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