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what next

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I have modified the wheels and extended the chimney

fixing two of the shortcomings of the char griller smokin pro

now on to fire control

what will have the greater effect,


sealing the unit. or insulating it

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Sealing.  It will help keep the heat and smoke where it belongs.  Insulating would largely only help in varying conditions, such as when it's cold.


Also, heat plates under the grill(s) will help spread the heat under the entire cooking surface and help with the hot side/cold side all units with a side fire box suffer from.

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Thanks for the reply


i think i will move forward with sealing the unit

and look into why and how on the heat plates



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I like those wheels! Guess I know what my next mod might be.
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Great minds think alike! Did the same thing to my TMLE a couple of years ago...

Added a 1" x 12" x 35" pine shelf with a honey-maple stain.


10" Harbor Freight pneumatic tires

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