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NICE PAIR.............Turkey breast

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Had 2 in the freezer, both around 8 pounds give or take a 1/4 pound. I put them in a medium heavy salt  brine over night. Took them out of frig ,washed real good with cold water and patted them dry with paper towels.We like it simple so I put a lite coat of EVO  inside and out and put a good covering of coarse ground black pepper all over.I then took a 1/2 a cup melted butter added a 1/2 a cup warm water and mixed well, then injected into the breast.Next I fired up the Lang 60 with oak wood and got my temp up to 300/325.I put the breast on to cook. It took approx. 2 1/2 hours for the meat to reach a temp of 170/175. I used apple wood with the oak for flavor.When I sliced one up it was amazing how tender and moist it is.The meat has a nice bacon taste to it.Take a big old slice of home grown tomato on a turkey sandwich ,man it's fit'n.

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Looks great!

Turkey Breasts are a hit around my house, I always make extras for sandwiches.



Smoke ON!



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C49, Those babies look great !

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Dang it that looks awesome - nice smoke


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Those look Marvelous ! A good Turkey Breast is hard to beat .

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Very nice. Doing that myself this 4th
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Thanks all for the nice post. Good Smoking  Happy 4th of July and a 

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 Safe one

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