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Mackerel Bark & Vinho Verde!

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Happy Saturday to all!


Many thanks to you winos who have shared your input, such as Masterbuilds who suggested smoking tomatoes and garlic! Fantastic!


Today I smoked some mackerel, smoked some heirloom orange-red-yellowish tomato and elephant garlic, and added that all into some brown rice wheat free penne pasta with balsamic, avocado oil and fresh basil and great sea salt and spices etc. WON-DER-FUL!


Paired with refreshing Vinho Verde, this was delightful!


Thanks for the tip Masterbuilds! I will smoke those again!!! Cheers to all!!! - Leah

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Sneaking in today's larger mackerel - smoked for 24 minutes on low heat with hickory chips on my little gas smoker - and then topped with smoked paprika, a French grey sea salt that is infused with lemon zest & fennel - and then some avocado oil and lemon zest and chopped green green onion!

A mound of amaranth (ancient gluten free grain that keeps one "regular") was added in! And a French Chard (White Burgundy) as the pairing.

Our kind Captain Randy should be credited for the freshest mackerel ever! And how grateful am I!

Thanks for sharing in my lunch and make today amazing! Cheers! - Leah

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The mack looks moist, flakey and cooked perfect.... Like I expected something different ????? NOT....

If it wasn't 5 AM I'd have a toast to the perfect dish..... then to the food.... lol.....

OK.... Cheers......Coffee.gif
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Thanks tons! I really am loving paprika on them now!!! Happy weekend to you and to some delicious food!!! Cheers!!!
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I am with Dave except it is 5 PM somewhere...



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Agreed! I get up so early that I am ready for my main meal and libation circa 11 a.m.!
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Hey Dave it's 5 o'clock somewhere



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