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All seasoned up ready to go!!!

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Had my first smoke today in the new OK Joe (unfortunately no meat)! Gotta say I believe I am going to be really happy with this unit! Was able to get it up to 300 and bring it down and maintain a good 220-260 temp for four hours. Had to add some more fuel halfway through. Really excited to get some meat in there tomorrow!
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Man I would've thrown some meat in there during the seasoning! No need to waste fuel on cooking air!
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I would have however this thing was dripping in what ever lube they use at the factory and was not comfortable cooking on it until that was all burnt off! Tomorrow and Sunday will be a different story!
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Don't they just use vegetable oil at the factory? I doubt it was a petroleum product. There should have been an info sheet that came with it that stated as such. 

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I doubt it was vegetable oil.  All of the grills/smokers that I've had stated to clean and season before cooking.


And even if it is vegetable oil, I still wouldn't do it.  Ever tasted old vegetable oil?  Not too mention anything oily collects dust/dirt and anything else that comes into contact with it.

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Agree bought mine 2 months ago and when I seasoned it I had to put a bucket under the drip tube!!!

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