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A.C Legg Sticks

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Made a 3lb batch of sticks for the grand kids today. Made small links and used old back up A.C Legg #116. Going to smoke tomorrow.





19mm smoked collagen casings tied in 5" links

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I keep telling myself I really need to try the #116 mix.  Looking good!!!

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Lookin great Rick !
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Nepas, good looking sticks ,the grandchildren will gooble those right up !

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What a treat for the grandkids!!!  Mine love them as well.  Reinhard

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I know you use that blend a lot I am going to have to get some, I was going to do snacks this weekend just too dang hot



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Yup its hot here today also, Got the awning out and sticks in. Maybe a rocking chair ride and a cigar.


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AMZNPS Tube going for 1.5 hours now, no problems. I use a propane torch to light the pellets.




Half way there.

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Looks good.... G-Kids will be delighted.....

Put it in my cart.... gotta try it....
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Thanks Y'all


Here are some $ shots. Going in the brown bag for a day before they get their mitts on em.



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Nice sticks!!!




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