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Planked Mackerel & Pinot Grigio!!!!

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Having been gifted some lovely fresh mackerel that I am having a ball with (see fish section for fabulous smoked treasures from this pile), I did plank a few of the smaller ones today and such was beautiful!

Cutting open a husked coconut, taking that juice & "putting the lime in the coconut & mixing it all together" (to be sung) I soaked the mackerel in that briefly, added red Hawaiian sea salt to a cedar soaked plank and grilled that for 30 minutes.

The result was soft and just beautiful! But I adore the SMOKED mackerel better and the smoky SKIN!

The star of the show here today though, was planked elephant garlic and planked tomato! I will do those again and add to a Caprese or to pasta for some edge!

In any event, again a big thank you to our Captain Randy for the wonderful fish, and thank you all for sharing in my lunch!

Paired with a quick pick Pinot Grigio (Calappiano) from our grocery store, yet still dry and well made.

Happy weekend!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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A white pepper salad dressing provided great heat!
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Nice Job, You and Bear just keep setting the bar higher and higher       points1.png




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Thank you so much Gary! Bear is a downright expert! Cheers!!!! And happy weekend! - Leah
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