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Splitting a brisket

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I got a good deal on a 15lb brisket. I have not smoked an untrimmed packer of this size before and my offset is rather small, so I think I may seperated the point from the flat and cook them separately. I usually cook whole brisket at 230 until I like the bark, then wrap it in packer paper, bump up the heat to maybe 250, and cook it till ~200 IT. I've had great success with whole brisket of 7-10 lbs. Any tips, suggestions, and advice on how to handle this would be appreciated. I hope to cook this weekend.
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Try Google it will bring up some videos

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Originally Posted by tropics View Post

Try Google it will bring up some videos
I definitely have. I don't think splitting will be the issue, I was wondering if I should cook it differently split than I would if it were whole.
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If you go ahead and separate the point from the flat, if you can, place the point on a rack over the flat. So all those rendering juices can drip onto the flat as they both cook. Cook both pieces of meat same way you normally do your briskets. The separated flat will have a tendency to dry out more than a whole packer.

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B. Santa,


I'd leave the flat under the point connected. I'd cut to size from the flat side towards the point. That way you'll get the fat rendering on the attached flat.



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