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Holy Mackerel! (Amazing Smoked Mackerel)!

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Happy Tuesday to all!

Having been gifted some very generous and extremely fresh mackerel from one very kind fisherman, I cleaned some, smoked plain, atop grill grates on my tiny gas smoker on low heat, for 25 minutes, and then added into brown rice spaghetti with fresh basil, raw elephant garlic, avocado oil, smoked Chardonnay sea salt, red pepper flakes and both lemon zest and squeezed lemon.

This was truly lovely! The skin being the best part!

Certainly, I could have smoked these for just 20 minutes and they would have been even softer, but the 25 was still great and next time I will just do it a little shorter.

Normally too, I ALWAYS leave the heads on fish! But, these heads were not large enough to have significant meat in them and not small enough to munch up whole, so I took scalps and then solely smoked the bodies.

In any event, a hearty thank you to our Captain Randy, and for the best mackerel ever! How very appreciative and lucky am I!

Cheers and warm wishes, Leah

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You always make such good stuff!  +1

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Leah That is amazing you made bait look tasty LOL Mackerel are a required taste Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you so much Mummel! And Tropics as well! Yes, I eat bait, and I love it!!!!
Cheers to all!!! Make your evening delicious! - Leah
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Very nice Leah.............It looks delicious



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looks delicious! i just discovered this fish 2 years ago.  i wish i could get it that fresh in the mid-atlantic area!


i like to put olive oil + salt & pepper and grill it directly over high heat for a few minutes per side and do 1 flip... the skin literally fries itself!! so good

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Thank you so much Joe! And that's one helluva machine you have there in your Avotar photo! Fantastic stuff!!!

And thank you too LetTheMeatRest! Great handle, and your grilled mackerel sounds sensational too! Hope you track down some more!

Cheers and warm wishes, Leah
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DAMN WOMAN...... those macs look cooked perfectly.... I've bought filets and fried them... Yours smoked, look better than mine fried...
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Leah, those mackerel look excellent and the meal looks delicious !:points:

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Dave! Thank you tons!!! The skin on these was really a treat! You're so lucky to have found fillets to buy, as it's hard to find here and so I am humbled beyond belief to have been gifted these! Addictive treasures mackerel sure are! Such a tasty fish!

And CrazyMoon thank you also! I made a salad with arugula and some other sweet lettuce and then red onion, avocado, black olives and chopped "Angelcots" or white apricots and then did balsamic & avocado oil and some sea salt and pepper. The meal was really nice and also filling! Thank you tons!!!

Cheers!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
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They are such a great fish.Kept poor people alive around the world for centuries.
Still cheap, under utilised & harvested to feed to farmed fish!
I like to rub them with a Malaysian style paste & grill them or brine them in black beer & bits & smoke them in a Scottish way.
Great job.
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Wow !!!   Beautiful Fish,  Great cook and even better pics.  Another Home Run    points1.png



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Wow, what a fantastic looking meal! You always seem to make everything look so good. Great job Leah!!
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Hey Mick, thanks so much! Isn't it funny how so many of those fish we love - sardines and such - sustained such cultures yet are junk fish to others? In any event, your beer brine sounds fun! All of your epic meals are terrific!

And Gary, thank you as well! Your kind words are appreciated and the points are so nice - thanks too! I know my cooking is simple but I have fun plating and am glad it's enjoyed. So kind!

Captain Randy; thanks so very much! If not for YOUR super generous doings, I wouldn't be the benefactor of such a gastronomical and delicious meal. How very grateful am I!

Happy evening to all! And here's to delicious things! (lLike Mackerel)!

Cheers!!!!!! - Leah
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Awesome pile of goodness. Great smoke Leah.
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I pay between $6 -8 a kg for those guys. Pulped into pellets or mash to feed farmed salmon et al.Salmon $27 a kg for fillet.

Something wrong with that picture.:biggrin:

They are identical fish north or south hemisphere.Fresh, dried &/ or smoked they fed people be they Glasgow dockyard workers or Sri Lankan tea pickers  & the list goes on.

I will do my South Asian take on them soon. I can't rustle up a beach grill over coconut husks & palm fronds but you get the picture:biggrin:

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Thank you Atomicsmoke! Here's to awesome piles of goodness then! I like the way you think!!!

And Mick, so interesting on price points! It will be fun to see any version of yours again too!!

Cheers to all and happy hump day!!! Make today amazing' - Leah
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Smoked another batch today & pulled the meat & skin onto a salad - balsamic, avocado oil, porcini sea salt, tri colored freshly ground pepper. Amazing!!!!

Oh, simple Portuguese affordable & fabulous Vinho Verde as the pairing! Just wonderful! Cheers and thanks for sharing in my lunch! - Leah

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Can't beat this combination. Packs a punch of nutrition and is a sensorial bomb.

I could eat these salads every day, three times a day.
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Looks good as usual.... I am subscribed BECAUSE, I'm waiting for you to cook sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast one day... Only 1... or maybe country fried chicken steak and white gravy or liver and bacon and onions with a side of cream gravy...... HAHAHAHAHA

I feel like I'm on a diet looking at your food.... NOT....
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