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Crispy chicken skin?

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Hey bothers and sisters! So, I have 3 chickens in the brine and one with no brine (didn't have enough brine buckets). I have been browsing the threads and see people smoking their chickens around 275. I have normally smoked mine around 300 and been happy with the results. But if you have had a different/better experience at different Temps, let me know. I am all about changing things up if I can get better results...
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FYI- I will be putting these birds on my Masterbuilt Pro dual fuel smoker in a few hours. I will keep this thread updated with Q-view
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Ive been doing a lot of chicken thighs lately. The best results so far have been starting low, around 275° and getting the chicken to 150°-155°. Then I'll crank the heat to 375°-400° to finish them off. This seems to give the best of both worlds. The meat is tender and juicy and the skin is not rubbery. Very tender and almost crispy. One word of advice, if you brine, try to let the birds dry, uncovered on a rack in the fridge for 12 hours or so. It makes a big difference.
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I got some seasonings/rubs for Father's day. I thought I'd try a few of them out
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The other..this one is Weber beer can chicken.. Sorry forgot to take a picture of the rub.
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And they're smokin!!!! I have less time than I thought. So I'm smoking with Apple wood at about 300-315
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They turned out ok.. The skin wasn't rubbery, but not crispy either..The skin tasted almost like it cooked too much. The chicken itself was delicious. Nice and juicy.
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   I like drumsticks and my first few batches were awesome,with nice crispy skin, but the last two batches have had "Rubber Chicken" syndrome. I think to myself what's up with that? Then I realize that the recipe has changed from "Franks" to a couple of different sauces that have corn syrup and sugar in them.Any thoughts or opinions? Back to "Franks" tomorrow to see if this is the difference. 

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I can't speak on the sauces changing the texture of the skin because I use a dry rub with no sauce. It's weird.. I will smoke two chickens the exact same way. (same rub and same temperature). One will be a little rubbery, the other crispy and delicious. One day, I hope to figure out why?
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Just made over the weekend.  Smoked two fryers at about 275 until internal temp was 160, then cranked it up to about 350 or 375 until internal temp was 175 and the skin came out with a light crisp, definitely not soggy but not fried chicken crispy either.

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