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buffalo wings "Louisiana" w/ Qview

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Tonight I made buffalo wings. I started with whole wings cut them into the 3 pieces they are.  I then place the pointed "waste" piece into a pot and made broth/stock for dinner tomorrow.  With the remaining wingette and drumette I place them in a bag along with copious amounts of Louisiana hot sauce, the red dot brand (you will see it in one of the photos.)  I tossed the bag in the fridge and let it sit for 4-5 hours.  I then smoked with apple.  I removed them from the smoker and placed them on the grill for a few minutes to crisp them up.  Once on the grill I brushed more of the hot sauce on them, and when I flipped them I brushed them again.  I then wrapped them in two layers of foil and put them in a small ice chest.  They were not too spicy, and a huge hit at the potluck I attended tonight not to mention delicious.








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Nice smoke, tasty looking wings!
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Looking good. Have to ever tried a rub on your wings?

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Your wings look awesome. I like my wings messy but i do also like them with a rub as well just not as much as messy. But how long did your wings smoke for and at what temp.

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Nice wings........................Thumbs Up





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Tasty lookin wings!
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I had a temperature issue, I left door open too long and my smoker got down to 120 so I cranked the heat.  By the time it reached back to 240 it had been an hour and a half-ish.  I then gave them another 30 minutes @230 give or take 5 and they were perfect.

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So about 2 hours at around 200° should do it thanks
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