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Smokin' Ribs

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Somehow I ended up alone on Father's Day. The wife took our daughter to Edmond to help her brother finish cleaning up his house after moving out a couple weeks ago. 


So I stopped by Wally World and grabbed a rack of St. Louis style ribs to smoke up today. Since no one else is here, I guess I'll just have to eat them all myself  :drool


I got a late start because I thought I had a half a bag of lump charcoal and hickory chunks left from the last time I smoked a brisket, which was a long time ago apparently. Also, apparently I was mistaken and didn't have ANY. So I had to make an emergency run to go get some. Finally got my ribs on the smoker about 2 1/2 hours later than I wanted.


I'm more of a brisket guy and haven't smoked ribs in a loonng time, probably at least 20 years. Although I do frequently slow cook country style ribs in the crock pot. It's nice because I can put them on in the morning before leaving for work and they are ready to eat when we get home. I used my same basic rub for these: seasoned salt, garlic power, onion powder, course ground pepper and off the self barbecue seasoning. 


Not sure how these will turn out. 




After 2 hours the temp is between 140 and 160ish depending on where I take it. I rotated them to help even out the cooking. Not planning to foil. 



I also whipped up some coleslaw and threw a couple of potatoes on the smoker. 

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Coming up on 5 hours now. I think they are about there, which is good because it's getting dark out and the family will be back soon. 


Gonna give 'em just a bit more. 



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The finished product:


Not fall of the bone tender, but not too tough either. I would like it a little more tender. I overdid it a bit on the black pepper. Not too spicy but the flavor was a little overwhelming. And I didn't quite get all of the membrane off. Have to work on that. 


But overall a good meal. 



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Those look perfect to me!! Great job. Sorry the family bailed on Fathers' Day. That's pretty crappy.
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Grub looks awesome... My ribs were sort of a let down also... well, hell.... can't be perfect everyday... once a month is good for me...l

Check out the rib membrane link below......

Check post 31 for sure.....

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