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new smoker

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Hey everyone,been a while since i been on here. So im still learning smoking. Im doing pretty good and people like it. Anyway i bought a new smoker, Brinkmann heavy guage smoker, couple pics of it uploaded. I have it cured so i was able to see how it worked during that process. Seems to hold a steady temp with a little bit of a change in temp by a few degrees. Im still learning on watching the smoke and figure out to less or to much smoke. I usualy just use wood from home depot and only put in about 3 or 4 chunks depending on size. I always soaked my wood but im in debate if i should continue that way or just dry. Any suggestions or comments. Im gonna attemp pulled pork on fourth of july for first time. As i said before i have smoked quite a bit, mainly ribs and they turned out good, not perfect but good. So any other tips and suggestions would be great and if anyone has used a smoker like the one i just bought or close to it. Hope pics show. Thanks fellow smokers.
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Looks like you have lots of room in that smoker - -extra room is usually a good thing to have.  Sorry can't help you with the smoker, but soaking the wood is not a good thing.  Until the wet wood dries out in the smoker, its just putting out steam, then comes the smoke.



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Yea that's what I hear that it will steam before smoke if wood is wet. Like I said I'm always looking for tips and such and I'm gonna try doing pulled pork using apple wood, never used apple. I usually use mosquite or hickory but all in all I must be doing something right if everyone likes what I cook and tastes good and not bitter which I know can happen.
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I'm far from an expert, but I've done it both ways, and flavor wise, I didn't notice a difference between the two.  Assuming your fire/coals are hot, even wet wood will start smoking pretty much instantly.  The wet wood tends to last a little longer, but it's much easier to simply use it dry, even if you do use a bit more.

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Wet wood helps keep your temp down, dry raises.
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And just to clarify, we are talking about wet wood chips/pieces meant for smoking, not actual wet wood left sitting outside that hasn't cured yet.  There is a huge difference.

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^^^yes wet as in soaked, if u use wet or green wood u will get a sour unpleasant taste.
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