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Entering my first competition.

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So I am entering the south sound bbq festival (back yard joe) competition. I will be doing all 5 categories. Pork shoulder, brisket, chicken, seafood, and a open category. I have never done anything like this before so if any of you have any tricks or tips that would help I would appreciate it. If it's Super Secret feel free to message me.
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Good luck! Might be a good time to test out those Hawaiian brats in the open category! Make some buns out of Portuguese sweet rolls, oh yeah!
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Morning Mike.... what smoker will you be using....
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I will be using my mes40, my masterbuilt charcoal grill,smoker vault propane and my Bradley smoker. Since I am doing all 5 entries I don't want to be constantly opening doors. I still need to figure out a game plan.
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First thing that comes to mind..... you will be busier than a one legged man in an a$$ kicking contest..... especially running 4 different smokers....
Think about smoking the chicken on the gasser... you can crank the heat up for crispy skin.... for the beef, have you tried a very small amount of mesquite to your beef smokes... I'm talking 15-30 minutes or so... adds a nice complex flavor... too much sucks bad... I even like a small amount of mesquite on shrimp....

Anywho, you got cojones grandes compared to me.... I have trouble with one main and no sides.....

Means, "Big balls," as in brave, courageous. On the verge of being stupidly reckless. That cliff jumper has grandes cojones. by TehPantz October 18, 2009. 9 1.
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I figure you only live once. I was thinking about making some fresh jalapeƱo and cheddar cheese brats as my wildcard entry. I even have the high temp cheddar in the fridgešŸ˜€
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That sounds delicious.... go for it...
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