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Fathers Day Pastrami with Q-View

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Happy Fathers Day Everyone

I had a couple of corned beefs in the freezer and figured I would smoke those for Fathers Day. Looking back I have not done a pastrami in a long time. As in last Fathers Day. So I may be making this a tradition.

Got a late start this morning so dinner may be a bit late.

I am using "store bought" corned beefs so I am using the same procedure as last year, as they turned out so well without being salty.

Very simple procedure

1) Soak conred beefs one day prior changing the water perodically. I used (1 hr, 2 hr 4 hr and 8 hr (overnight)) intervals
2) Rubbed with
  • fresh ground coriander
  • black pepper
  • granulated garlic
  • granulated onion
  • dark brown sugar
  • dash of paprica
  • dash of cumin
3) Somking using pecan today

Here they are after the rub and right before putting them in my MES 30.

Also turns out I missed a very important 1st birthday. My MES turned one about a month ago. Did not realize it until today that I had it working on a brisket on its 1st birthday.

And on that note thanks for all the great posts by all the great members here at SMF, I have learned a lot and hope I helped contribute as well


Edited to clear-up spelling mistakes...I hope
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Should be tasty! Just ate the last of our pastrami time to make some more!
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Looks good.  Let us know how it turns out.



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Still have a whole pastrami left

Here is one of them before slicing after a rest

Sliced and ready to serve

Plated with cole slaw and pasta salad

It very tender and juicy. Still have a whole one left biggrin.gif
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Looks great!

I am going to try doing Turkey Pastrami next


Smoke ON!

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Looks awesome!!!  For the pastrami you have left, I recommend steaming it back up to 203 IT.  You will love it!

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