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New Guy Joining

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Hello All


My name is Dan from the south side of Chicago. I love cooking and found that I have a knack for it thanks to my father (God rest his sole). I started smoking a couple years ago, bought an electric smoker thinking from what I read that I would have a constant even temperature and I could concentrate more on the meats and rubs, well thru that in the garbage. So I bought a propane 2 door vertical smoker and converted my charcoal grill using smoke rope to a smoker.  

I have smoker chicken, ribs, country ribs, salmon & shrimp turned out better each time. I do have a problem with the pork shoulders, have one hell of a time getting them past 150° mark but all of them have turned out great just real long cook times, but all in all I keep experimenting.

I am just pretty much a beginner but I found reading internet sites that there is so much information and different views on how to smoke it can make your head spin. So I decided who better to get advise from that a group of people who love smoking meat.

I bought a 12LB Beef Brisket (1st one) to cook for Father’s Day, I will chime in on what I am going to do, looking forward to your response.

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Dan, welcome to SMF!  Sounds like you have a nice foundation for moving on to the brisket this weekend.


You'll have the same issue with the brisket that you are having with the shoulders.  It is known as the "stall" and can last for hours if you are smoking at 250F or below.  It isn't unusual for stalls to last 5 hours or longer.  The muscle is essentially sweating out moisture.  That's not an issue with tougher cuts of meat like pork shoulders/butts and beef briskets though.  They don't get their juicy moisture from the water in the tissue.  They get juicy from the melting of connective tissue call collagen, which starts happening nicely above 160-170F internal temp.


Have patience with your brisket and keep us posted on how it turned out.  Have fun too!



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texas.gif  Good evening and welcome to the forum, from an  overcast and hot  day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. 



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