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Canadian bacon end pieces. What to do with them?

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Hey all,


I made a batch of canadian bacon last weekend and it turned out great. Heres my quandry:


After smoking and slicing, I had 2 ends from each slab of CB I smoked. I wasn't going to toss them out and I don't have any animals yet, so I vacuum sealed and froze them.


So, what do y'all do with the end pieces? Mix them with collard greens? Pretend they're jerky?


I couldn't really find any info on here so I thought I'd just post the question. Moderators can move this if need be.


Any hints, tips, or recipes would be appreciated as always.



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Chop them up in little pieces, sauté up with some onions and peppers, then add scrambled eggs. 


Chop them up in little pieces and add to a green salad along with almonds, tomatoes, a little cheese, and raisins or dried cranberries.


Toss in a blender, add some mayonnaise, lemon or pickle juice, onion, and black pepper.  Pulse a few times, scrap in a bowl, then add some chopped sweet pickles.  Makes a great sandwich spread. 


Chop in little pieces (I'm seeing a pattern here) and add to a pizza.


Chop in little pieces, wrap in biscuit or crescent roll dough with a little cheese of your choice.  Bake according to directions. 


Chop in little pieces, make a white gravy, then add the CB and serve over biscuits. 

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Dice the pieces up and throw into Baked Beans.
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I'm gonna make this real easy for you!!


Those ends are the Best Tasting parts of the Bacon!!!:drool


Find a nice friendly Bear, and he'll take care of them for You!!!


Bears Love Bacon Ends of any kind!!!:drool




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I may have to come up with a CB end piece beer since these pieces are like gold.




The brewer is thinking

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I save a bigger end just to make Canadian bacon risotto, and they are always great in potato soup!

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Diced and added to jambalaya, beans, cornbread, breakfast hash, pizza....  any place you would use ham is good.  I always just eat the end cuts. :drool

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