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A tale of two chickens....(w/QView)

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Hello everyone! I recently signed up for Jeff's Newsletter ( highly recommend it!) and his latest recipe was beer brine chicken and i thought to myself i have some chicken to smoke and i have never brined it before so lets try that. I actually brined two different cuts of chicken with two different brines. i did not use beer as the recipe suggested. on a couple of breasts i brined in sat, water and coca-cola. the other was a package of chicken thighs and  I brined them in pineapple juice (plus salt and water). I brined for five hours and then rinsed the chicken.



The breasts got a sugar/spice rub treatment and was put in the fridge over night. 




The thighs got a dose of Italian seasoning




The smoker was lit and I placed some sticks from an apple tree on it and got the temp about 245 degrees.


the chicken was placed directly on the racks thighs went on bottom




then i placed the breasts on top rack




the thighs went for about 1 hour and 45 minutes while the breasts went for about two hours and fifteen minutes until both were just over 165 degree IT.

When the breast pieces were about 159 degree IT i add a layer of sauce to them and let them finish with the BBQ sauce (sweet baby rays). 


and they both end ed up mighty tasty!






Thanks for looking. The sugar/spice rubbed breasts with sauce had a mellow smokey flavor and the herb rubbed thighs(on top) had a stronger smokey flavor. 

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Tasty looking chix!
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Looks really tasty dude. Thumbs Up

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Fine looking smoke!


Sure was a pretty day out there today too, wasn't it? Anyday you can get smoke is a beautiful day.


Great job!

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