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Parent's anniversary ribs...(qview)

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So, for my parent's anniversary, I thought I'd introduce them to my new Daniel Boone.  :)


I rubbed them with kosher salt and put them in the fridge at 2AM (yeah, we got back late from a party).  I set my alarm for 6:00 and went to bed.  When my alarm went off, I went outside and fired up the smoker.  I went inside, rinsed and dried the ribs, rubbed some vegetable oil on them, and sprinkled the jerk seasoning (from BBQ University - which is one of my favorites.


By 6:15, the DB was up to 150, and the ribs were ready to start cooking.  I wanted a good amount of smoke flavor, so I kept the smoker at 150, put the ribs on, and went back to bed until 7:45.  At 7:45, I put the smoker up to 240 which, with my smoker, means between 220 and 230, and went back to bed (gotta stop those 2am nights!)


When I finally got up, I made BBQ sauce with apple juice, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, garlic, pepper, brown sugar, dry mustard, and jalepeno slices and juice.


I spritzed the ribs with apple juice every 45 minutes or so until about 11:30, then I turned the smoker up to 250.  They were done at noon.  That cook would have required so much more effort on my old COS, used at least 2 bags of charcoal, and a byunch more of my time babysitting it.


Everything was a smashing hit, including my wife saying "tell me why we'd ever order BBQ ribs at a restaurant again?"


I must say, I love this Daniel Boone, and my wife loves it too, especially since it is so easy - she did 2 whole chickens on Friday without my help, something she would NEVER have done before.


Here's the "q-view" - we could pull the bones right out.



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Congrats on a great smoke, I've had a DB for bout 2 yrs now & have just enjoyed the hell outta it ! Kicks out some great Q !

I won't talk bout any of my late nites.... biggrin.gif
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Great looking ribs!!!



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They look great!!!
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