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1st Pulled Pork, Satisfaction!

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Just enjoyed my first experience with pulled pork. It was great! Uds preformed perfect for 12 hours. I made the mistake of only doing a half butt. Took about as long as a whole one would have. 

My question is: How long is safe to keep the pulled meat in the fridge? Will it stand freezing? Even though it's only a half we had plenty left and since my wife and I both have a history of gout, we probably won't push our luck having it again tomorrow. 


Only took one photo at the beginning. That's one 12oz beer in the water pan, no more liquid added. Left the pan in place dry.



Thanks, Matt

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DM, It will be fine for a few days in the fridge and PP freezes well.Hit the search bar for some recipes for finishing sauces and add before freezing.

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Thanks CrazyMoon. I'll be doing a whole one next time. This is the best thing I've done so far on my uds, but I'm loving bacon wrapped hot-dogs too.

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I always cook extra PP and freeze the leftovers. I portion it out into single meals and vacuum seal so I have easy weeknight meals ready to go. 

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