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Smoked Whole Hog

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A few weeks ago a bunch of friends asked me if I would like to smoke a whole hog for them for a large party.

I said sure but that depending on the size of the hog I may need to build a pit if it was bigger then my Lang.

Well they wanted a big one so we built a temporary cinder block pit.


We built it to have an internal size of 4' x 8' so we wouldn't need to cut the sheet of expanded steel.


Then it was off to buy the hog.


This guy was 180 lbs of wonderfull hog heaven. 


He went into the pit on Friday evening at about 8:00 pm.

and smoked over a bed of charcoal and hickory splits.

I kept the pit at 250 deg for 18 hours until he reached an IT of

195 in the hams and shoulders.

I moped it every 2 hours with a mixture of apple juice and pineapple juice.


I have to say it was fantastic. We feed about 130 people and didn't have a scrap of pig left over.

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Awesome!  Great work.  How long did it take to setup the pit?

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H, nice looking pig and nice improvisation !:points:

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Looks fantastic!

1. How did you get at the fire to control heat? Opening at ground level for access. 2. Did you have a cover with a vent?
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Looks awesome!!
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Looks great! Nice work.

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Cinder block pits are so great! It looks like you guys had a blast with this!!! Hog looks great too! 

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