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Previously frozen ribs

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The only ribs that I have ever smoked have been fresh from my local butcher.  I picked some up on sale at Super Target for $3.99 lb to give a try today.  I've read that smoking ribs that have been frozen can lead to mushy meat.  I don't know if I buy into this because I assume the majority of people use frozen ribs.  Is there anything I should legitimately consider doing differently or just go about it as if they were fresh? 


I'm using a Backwoods vertical water smoker, lump charcoal with hickory and peach woods.

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I've smoked lots racks of ribs that had been frozen with great results...can't think of a thing I'd do differently.



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I think almost all of the ribs I have done were frozen.  Mostly because I stock up on meat from a butcher that is kind of far away.


In general I leaning toward decreasing my usage of meat previously frozen on some cuts.  Ribs and butts don't seem to be affected much if at all by being frozen based on what I know and see.

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Meats today are usually "flash frozen", which usually does NOT lead to large ice crystal formation inside the meat... Ice crystals can tear apart the cellular structure which can lead to loss of internal cell moisture.. So, basically properly frozen meats are about as good as fresh...

Refreezing in a home setting, can cause large ice crystals to form which dries out meat.... it all has to do with the length of time the ice crystals has to form....
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you should be fine. I get frozen ribs on sale all the time. I thaw when I am ready to cook them. Otherwise they stay frozen....

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Thanks for all the replies!  I figured as much but just wanted to confirm.

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