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trying new styles for pulled pork

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I spent last weekend smoking 2 pork shoulders for some pulled pork.  One weighing 8.25 lbs and the other 8.75 lbs for a total of 17 lbs of yummy goodness.


I will do a step by step on what I did and how it progressed throughout the day and night with q-view as it applies to the timeline.



Purchased 2 pork shoulders, bbq sauce, hickory charcoal briquettes (thought I was having trouble with keeping temp in the smoking box with lump charcoal so I tried briquettes to find out I am almost certain it is the placement and condition of my thermostat), apple wood chunks, cherry wood chips.


On Friday night I put the wood in water to soak. Started prep work on the shoulders. Marinated and injected the shoulders with Bonz bbq sauce wrapped and put in fridge overnight.


As you can see we use a lot of this stuff.  


All prepped 


Headed to the fridge for the night


Next day I basted again before putting on the smoker.  Here they are ready to go.


Kept the heat going for 4 1/2 hours before checking temp: left side 145 deg, right side 140 deg.  temps slowly increased throughout the day to 170-175 by 9pm when I took them inside to the oven due to time and running out of charcoal.  final temps were 205.  After checking temps for the first time I sprayed a apple cider and Jack Daniels Honey mixture to add to the bark.  


Nice smoke out the stack



Had some nice flames going on 


Finished products


After pulling them out of the oven Let them set for a few minutes and proceeded to pull apart.  


One I left untouched


This one I mixed in more bbq sauce for flavor. Most liked this one over the other.


Total times:

Overnight from 8pm to 9am= 11 hours marinating

On the smoker 10 am to 9pm ish=11 hours smoking

In the oven 9pm ish to 12am= 3 hours cooking


So far some of the best I have made on the smoker.  Didn't last very long either 


Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.




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Looks great!
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Looks great! Fantastic job!
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Hi Andy, good looking Pulled Pork!

Looking for something different?

Try this!

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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