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Beef Ribs.

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Picked up 3 racks of ribs.  They went in the smoker at 9AM.  Half the ribs will be done in a North Carolina vinegar mop sauce and the other in a KC BBQ sauce. I'm using hickory chips and the smoker is set at 225. 

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Should be tasty!
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I have to check out all beef rib threads.  My favorite ribs.  Waiting for the final pics.  good luck.

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Had to move the MES of the sun.  The Maverick alarm went off and the smoker temp was 185.  Looks like the sun threw the temp sensor on the MES off. 

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I'm waiting for the finish . . .Coffee.gif

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They came out great.  They were instantly gone.  I didn't take many pics, just cut them up and served them. 


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