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It's a Pulled Pork Overnighter!

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Doing my first pulled pork overnight.....Apple Bourbon Pulled Pork!








More to come......

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 Looks like you're off to a great start.



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Ahhh the dreaded stall. At 0500 the temp hit 154 and it stayed there until about 1000... I was so tempted to turn it up but, I left it....
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Patience will pay off.  A little info on your rub, where the bourbon comes in etc would be interesting


Looks good so far



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An all-nighter...I remember doing that. Voodoo, when the novelty wears off, get yourself a Maverick ET-732 or similar and get a good night's sleep. :grilling_smilie:

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Yep, the Mav makes overnighters much easier. Last weekend I did 4 buts, started at 6 PM. 2 were done after 14 hours, one at 17 and the last stubborn one was a total of 20 hours.


Mav 32 allowed me to get some shut eye.

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Yeah. I like staying up, tending to the smoke and chillin'. Boy were these butts stubborn. At 14 hours one was good but, the other took two more hours. But man were they good eats! I brined them for about 5 hours in apple juice then used pork barrel dry rub. Spritzed with a 3-1 bourbon to apple juice mix every hour or so until I foiled them. Mmmmmm mmmm!
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Very good job!!!



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