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Since Sunday is my birthday the original plan was a brisket but not having much luck finding one around here for last than 10 bucks a pound. Plan now is either a couple of dry aged ribeyes or a rib roast depending on what I find at the ranch store tomorrow
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Congrats guys! I am hoping to still be able to smoke more chicken now that the wife will eat legs. Thank god for smoking
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Mini rack of beef short ribs is on the menu.


Picked up a pork belly and have one 3 lb chunk marinating in a maple bourbon marinade.


Another waiting until Sunday to apply a char siu marinade.




All to be smoked on Monday, due to work obligations all weekend.

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Okay.. Brisket, Drumsticks, Spatchy, Turkey and Wings didn't work....


Sooooo For Fathers Day I'll be smoking...


Pork Butt!


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staying with ribs ...
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Well since we Oregonians only have a few more days of non-legality, I think we'll smoke some green before dinner!
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Still going with spare ribs and pulled pork. But I finally got in the Weber Smokey Joe to build the mini. So if I get it finished might have to break it in Sunday with something.
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I'll be smoking a couple racks of ribs and a pork butt! Can't wait!! Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there!
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Smoked ham, cold beer, good company, can't beat that on 
Fathers day, or any day. Enjoy the day Dads!!

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Hmmm, maybe some Ribeye ?
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Still doin ribs and ABTs.
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Gonna do some smoked meat snack sticks and some pepperoni rolls.

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 Going to make some pulled pork for my Grandson who is in on leave from Germany.



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Ham and Brisket!

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Pork butts and pork tenderloin!
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Maybe some pork tenderloin......... it really depends on time. We are moving my daughter into her college campus this weekend for summer term......
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Ribs and brisket.

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 What are you smoking for Father's Day???


Well, I just received a brand new Masterbuilt Electric Smoker that my wife and mother pitched in got for me. It was the one that was on daily deal on Amazon earlier this week. It is my first smoker, so I have a lot to learn but I'm going to preseason it today after I assemble it and do my very first smoke on Father's Day! I think I'm going to try a pork butt or maybe a few racks of ribs. Heck if I get brave enough I might even do both!


Thanks to A-MAZE-N for this giveaway and for the opportunity to win one of their great products. I keep reading that one of their pellet trays is pretty much a must have for my model of smoker. I think I'm going to try a few smokes in "stock config" before I start throwing mods into the mix! 

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Brisket and pulled pork
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congrats Dave! Some fellow Michigander posted some baked beans that he smoked... I happen to have two big cans of bush's baked beans kicking around. I figure some hot sauce and some smoke may just take em up a notch or two.


so far:

brisket (picking up this morning from restaurant depot)

some turkey legs I have in brine/cure

mac n cheese

and beans.


wish I was making some pork, as the drippings would be nice for the beans, not too sure the brisket drippings will really work or not (will make the call when I see it.

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