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Brisket not Leather

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After the 3rd attempt I finally smoked a 12 lbs. brisket that came out great. As many in this forum recommend, I stuck to the very basics on the rub ( Garlic powder, Onion Powder and Kosher Salt and a few table spoons of Worcestershire )Smoked it at 225. I did wrap the brisket at 165 and allowed it to hit 205 before removing from the smoker and resting it in a cooler for about 2 hours. The only deficiency was the absence of a good bark. Is it possible to reach the same results without wrapping? Can you get a good bark if you wrap?

I would appreciate any  suggestion.

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Glad it worked out for you.

Been there--Done that when it comes to disasters coming out of the smoker.

Man, that time when it all seems to click


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I don't wrap mine. I love that bark!! if you wrap with foil it will soften the bark. some people wrap with butcher paper but I have yet to try that.
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I don't foil till the rest and have had good luck. Want to try butcher paper sometime as well.
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I don't foil and get moist meat with a good bark... I smoke all big hunks at 200-205... below the boiling point of water.... works for me.... and with the slow temp rise, the meat pulls beautifully at 190-195....
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