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Originally Posted by jarjarchef View Post

To be tagged as Halal it has to be slaughtered a very spacific way. And if you ask they should be able to provide the certificate for you varifying the how, who, when and where for the Halal certification.
I too am very shocked you were able to get it at such a low price. It's not the highest grade of Wagyu, but still......

The high level answer about the Australian part. Many years ago a Japanese cattle rancher and an Australian cattle rancher did some business and the Wagyu/Kobe breed was cross breed with cattle in Australia. My understanding is as long as it is more than 50% Wagyu they can sell it that way. It is no where the same as the Japanese Wagyu, and they don't export the highest grade out of Japan. So we get the lower grades in the States, but it is still very good.

That is very interesting information.Thank you JarJar! The History of Kobe and Wagyu evidently go back a long way. Since posting this, many people have asked if the higher priced Wagyu is worth the price of Choice and Prime cuts of Brisket and my reply has been, YES, if they can find it at a reasonable price.

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Originally Posted by Aggie94 View Post

GEO that's a great price for Wagyu brisket, I've never even seen one before. I'm also impressed by how much meat you were able to smoke for that event!  Bruno congratulations to your daughter, I'm sure you're very proud of her, as you can tell I'm partial to A&M.  My son just graduated last month too but he couldn't get a full admission into A&M and wasn't willing to do Blinn Team.  He'll be going to Baylor, still trying to get use to seeing all that green and gold around the house.

Thanks Aggie.  Baylor...I'll take the price tag of A & M over Baylor any day!  Lol.  My daughters best friend opted out of the whole Blinn thing as well and is headed to Texas State.  Congrats to your son as well.    

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