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First Brisket

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My Bradley that I got for Christmas crapped out & I have a brisket all ready to go for Saturday morning. Going to have to use my propane grill to do but here is my issue. Temp!!! 2 burners on low = 275 and one burner low = 190 I have been trying to get a 220 - 240 but just cab=nt hit it. Is there any issues with 190 for an extended smoke to hit the IT I need? 


Any help is greatly appreciated, just started smoking in April this year.


Clarkey in Calgary, AB

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In my opinion there is nothing wrong with 275F for the whole smoke.  Internal Temperature is the important thing.



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You may want to keep on the gasser for 5ish hours to get the smoke and then finish in the oven.

Ps Lowes has an Akorn Kamado in sale for 299. Not sure when it ends
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Clarky , hello and how are you , glad to have you on the site and hope you enjoy our community . However , we need for you to go to our 'Roll Call' and introduce yourself  giving your location and we'll return a big :welcome1: from everyone .


Your problem has been solved , Scott , thanks . Hav you a probe thermometer ? you'll ne it - or- a good (calibrated) therm. of some type .


Expect a long cook and keep your patience  .  You can't g over 275*F o n worry about cranking up the heat to finish faster . If you get tired of


running in and out to check it , you could  wrap  it and finish in the Oven @ 275*F as your Gasser . o shame in that , we have all done that


when something comes up !:biggrin:


Have fun and  .  .  . 

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Yeah, all of the above    Good Luck     you will be fine



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Thanks for the info, I have a Maverick ET-735 that I have calibrated to our altitude so I can keep an eye on it easily from my patio chair and beer tub.

Low & slow it will be.


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