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I see that the 5 to 7lb and the 11lb models come with the same 4 tubes. Does anyone have the 11lb model and have used the small 10mm tube to make meat snack sticks? Reading on this site that most advise not to try and do the sticks with stuffers larger than 5lb size. Just wondering if the bigger model would be ok or if a person ever wanted to do the sticks, the smaller model would be better.

i have the 11lb Weston that is very similar to Vivo right down to the silicone ring and cast plunger. i have use it on miles of sticks with out any issues, we just turn the handle a little slower than with the bigger sausage. Just my two cents


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Thanks, appreciate the input.
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to date i have made 450 lbs of sausage using it ...not one problem  !!

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I have one of these and have had zero problems! As for the o-ring, I just grab the plate with both hands and roll it off with my thumbs.
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