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Cooking ribs in roaster?

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So I'm from a small town and the area fire department is doing a spare rib cook off fund raiser. So far there is only 6 or 7 competitors entered and there is 25 cases of ribs. What the best way if we don't get enough cooks... To cook ribs in a roaster...hate to do it that way but Got to feed the people showing up. Any good recipes? Instructions?
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Oh it's 25 up to 40 cases to cook
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Wow that is a lot of ribs.If wurse comes to wurse, check with a Pizza place and see if they will let you use an oven.Set 225* 3 hrs, foil 2 hrs. let rest and heat them on a grill. Try to cook them a day or so before it will be easier.Just my 2cents


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