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Mistakes Assembliing My Smoker

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I just picked up my newly assembled smoker from Home Depot. It turns out it was a good decision because I made some bad mistakes when I initially built it. The biggest mistake was that I faced the side with the vents the wrong way! I had the vents facing inward toward the smoker instead of outside. Duh!


I also ordered a charcoal box but it was too big for my fire box. However, I don't think this will be a problem because my wire rack is a good six inches off the bottom. Is this right? There is a lower wire rack that can be easily modified with bolts if necessary.


Tips, advice, and input welcomed as always.




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Steve, it sounds like the "lower" rack is for the charcoal and the higher rack is for grilling inside the firebox. If it's like my rig, it's like a miniature kettle grill in there.

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Yes. And the we rack part makes sense too. I can modify the bottom rack with bolts, etc.

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Oh, when I modify the rack, what length bolts would be best? 2 inch? 

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Look at your space to secure and get bolts to just long enough to hold them securely . Put some oil on them to protect them from rust longer. Also put


lock tight on the threads . You'll be glad you did.


Have fun and . . .

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Steve if you've got 6" from the bottom/charcoal grate you shouldn't have to do anything for the ash to be able to fall away

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