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Pellet questions

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I have just bought a Traeger Junior Elite and am in the learning phase.


So what is good for  storing pellets, the plastic storage containers with snap on lids or plastic bags ??? I am worried about moisture in plastic bags or am I worrying about nothing.....


Last one, I have noticed some pellets are of a certain size if I buy Traeger pellets, but if I buy others , the size might be longer.... Is this an issue with the Traeger grills????


Thanks in advance for your time.....

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i just keep my pellets off of the ground in my garage. i don't really worry to much about them. there is alot f people that store them in plastic storage containers like for charcoal. you can use any one of the diferent brands of pellets. most people do not us traeger because a couple of the flavors use oils instead of the real wood. I use lumberjack and gmg. You will get alot more responses if you post in the pellet smoker area this area is for eople useing chucks or logs of wood.

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Thanks, all this is just too new. Large sure i must have clicked on the wrong link, thanks again.
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