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looking for a bbq school

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As someone who is new to the art of smoking. Would it be good for me to attend a bbq school. If so what are some good ones?
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Any instruction is valuable. You can get some first hand ideas. If you know someone who does comps, talk to him and maybe you could tag along. That will also give you some good tips.
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Basically you have 4 main ingredients. You, your smoker, your food, your ingredients.


Here's the best way to learn.... Start cooking stuff. (Chicken is always good, as it's inexpensive). Take notes about what was good & what wasn't, how you prepared it, how you cooked it. After that, do it again on your next cook, but change one variable based on your previous cook. 


Any course will give you the basic techniques, but in the end you need to learn to cook the food with the equipment that you have, and how it works.

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My suggestion, jump in and burn some meat at home first. Then when you go to a school, you have enough experience to ask intelligent questions. It makes learning for me a load easier for me when I know what they are talking about.


Course thats just my humble opinion and what do I know, I like fresh squeezed banana juice..

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