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Pick my birthday menu

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So, I have a nice piece of chuck shoulder mock tender to smoke for my birthday next week and I'm trying to put a menu around it. My initial thoughts are smoked beans and mashed potatoes. I may also do some chicken wings as an app. 


One groundrule: no pork/bacon!  


Recipes appreciated. 

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Twice smoke potato's are a great alternative to mashed potato's - just for something different


Smoke a head of cabbage - core out the stem, put seasonings and butter in the hole, then use a ring of tin foil to stand it up so the hole is on top. As the butter melts it infuses the cabbage with seasonings.


Shred the beef and it can be used in all kinds of stuff: puff pastry rolls, enchilada, tacos, etc.

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I was going to use your taco suggestion, but I realized that a tenderloin isn't really for shredding...I'll try your other ideas at some point though! Thanks. 

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Have you tried to smoke Fruit , or Nuts :icon_question: Firm Fruit does well in smoke , and changes the flavor most interestingly . Make smoked Carmel Apples , Smoked Bananas Foster , Smoked Peach Melba.


I enjoy Veggies and do them on the Grill also , but the smoke does such a marvelous job.


Have fun and . . . 

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